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              Industry-Academy-Research Program

              Tuoren attaches great importance to clinical innovative thoughts from doctors and nurses, thus initiates the Medical Industry-Academy-Research Program in China. This program wins Tuoren the Registration Certificate on the social forces of PRC setting up S&T Award issued by National Ministry of S&T. Since 2005, Tuoren has collected more than 3,000 projects from 30 provinces and cities. With Tuoren S&T Innovation Award, promoting the transformation of 80 achievements, and has accumulatively total invested more than 230 million Yuan. At the same time, Tuoren has undertaken 6 projects of National Twelfth Five-year S&T Support Plan such as “Small Diameter Artificial Blood Vessels” and “the New Plasticizer of Biomedical Materials”.

              Project background
              Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress, and also is an inexhaustible power for the prosperity of a country. In the field related to national human healthcare, innovation is the inevitable choice for the development of medical science and technology. And the development of medical science is to ensure the comfort and humanization under the conditions of safety. The need for medical care will be transformed from passive medical, low humanistic care in the past to a painless, comfortable and humanization way in the future. Nursing and anesthesia will play a major role in this section. So how to provide the people with more safe, effective and applicable medical devices is the main task in the field of medical innovation and also an important factor to promote medical progress.  
              Cooperative content
              Cooperation scope
              Related activities
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