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              Tuoren Medical in the Anesthesiology Annual Meeting of ASA

              Release time:2017-10-24

              Annual Meeting of Anesthesiologist Society of America

              The 2017 annual meeting, organized by the Anesthesiologist Society of America, opened in Boston on October 21, 2017. The meeting contributed to more than 12000 anesthesia practitioners the academic exchanges, training opportunities, also provided the marketing platform for nearly 300 exhibition business from all over the world with the main idea of "joint anesthesia industry leaders, promote the latest technology in the practice of anesthesiology, and promote patient safety".

              Opening Ceremony


              This is the 8th year for Tuoren Medical attending the ASA since 2010, which is for the purpose of acquiring international attention, exploring potential customers, getting the experts’ valuable advice, so that we can meet the growing needs of medical industry. Tuoren Medical shown its new patented products, Epidural Puncture LOR Indicator Syringe, ErgoMask, Video Laryngoscope, BlockBusterTM Laryngeal Mask, Adaptive-Cuff ET Tube. Anesthesiologists operated our new products actively. High success rate and excellent product performance had given a deep impress to the anesthesiologists.

              Tuoren Medical

              Visiting Professor


              Professor Brendan Carvalho, the president of Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology from Stanford University School of Medicine, discussed the product with us in the annual meeting of ASA after the last communication in the 11th Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology Conference. Professor Brendan Carvalho had praised the products exhibited at the conference and sincerely wishes Tuoren Medical to flourish in the global medical industry. In addition, many other renowned professors came to our exhibition stand to discuss about the new trend, new information and products of medical industry.


              Professor Brendan Carvalho

              Professor Liu Hong and Professor Tong Chuanyao

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